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Please note that if there is an storm day during exams, the schedule will resume on the next school day.




December 1, 2016

Parents & Guardians Frequently Asked Questions

Nova Scotia Teachers Union (NSTU) Strike Action

On November 28th, the NSTU announced they are planning strike action beginning on Monday, December 5th .

What will the strike action involve?

The NSTU has advised that teachers will continue to carry out their instructional duties in classrooms with students; focusing on teaching students in a safe learning environment, preparing and implementing lesson plans and maintaining contact with parents/guardians of students who are at risk and/or have special needs.

Your child/children should not arrive at school until 20 minutes before school begins, as schools will not be accessible and there will be no supervision provided until that time. This is to ensure the safety and well-being of your child/children.

The NSTU has directed their members not to do specific tasks including, but not limited to:

• Teachers will arrive 20 minutes before school and leave 20 minutes after school

• Teachers will not communicate on school matters (including with parents) outside the instructional day

• Teachers will not collect money or organize fundraising activities with students

• Teachers will not enter information in PowerSchool or TIENET, including information regarding attendance and assessments

• Teachers will not fill out assessment and diagnostic instruments from external agencies unless required by law

• Teachers will not administer Department or Board assessments.

• Teachers will not support or participate in extra-curricular activities

• Teachers will not update school or class websites or e-newsletters

• Teachers will not attend staff meetings, program planning or student success meetings

• Teachers will not participate in professional development provided by the Department or School Board

• Teachers will not provide extra help to students before, after school or over lunch

• Teachers will not accept or supervise student teachers

• School based administrators will not participate in School Advisory Council or parent group meetings unless due to an appeal of student discipline

• School based administrators will not conduct walk-throughs in classrooms for observation of teachers

• Teachers and school based administrators will not attend meetings with Board and Department staff

When will the strike action begin?

The Nova Scotia Teachers Union has officially notified the Minister of Labour and Advanced Education that strike activity will begin on Monday, December 5th .

Who at my child’s school is included in the NSTU?

Teachers, principals and vice-principals are NSTU members as well as speech language pathologists, school psychologists, school board consultants and guidance counselors.

During the strike action, do students still attend school?

Yes, as long as classes continue and students are properly supervised throughout the school day, schools would remain open and students would attend classes.

Will there be supervision in place before and after school?

Student safety is a priority during any strike action at a school. Supervision will be in place 20 minutes before school and 20 minutes after school. If you are driving your child to school, they cannot be dropped off more than 20 minutes before classes begin. If you are picking your child up at school, they must be picked up no later than 20 minutes after classes end.

Will there be supervision at lunch time and recess?

The answer will vary by boards and schools

What happens to extra-curricular activities during the strike action?

As advised by the NSTU, teachers will not participate in any extra-curricular or voluntary activities. Unfortunately, the list of directives from the NSTU to its members for activities from December 5th and onwards advises them not “to plan, participate in, supervise or facilitate extracurricular activities including holiday concerts whether scheduled during the school day or not.”

What about sport teams?

The Nova Scotia School Athletic Federation has stated that all interscholastic sport will be suspended during any strike action. This suspension of sport includes but is not limited to: games, including league (tournament, and exhibition), practices, training opportunities, and special events, without exception.

Can parents, guardians or volunteers help during the strike action?

This answer will vary by boards

What happens to programs run by those who aren’t NSTU members during the strike action?

This answer will vary by boards.

Will the Breakfast Program at my child’s school be available during the strike action?

This answer will vary by boards.

Will community groups be able to continue to use the school during the strike action?

Yes, community groups that use school buildings after school hours will continue to have access to facilities.

Will the strike action impact the International Students Program (ISP)?

At this time it is not expected that the International Student Program (ISP) will be impacted by the strike action.

Will student co-op work placements be impacted by the strike action?

At this time, it is not expected that student co-op work placements during the school day will be impacted by the strike action. It is unknown now, whether placements outside of the school day will continue.

Will Virtual School be impacted by the strike action?

At this time, it is not expected that students enrolled in virtual high school will be impacted by the strike action

We understand that any job action that impacts students can cause concerns for families. We will continue to make you aware of information as it becomes available. Please watch the (TCRSB website) and school websites for updates.


November 30, 2016


To Tenants/Community Groups:

As you are undoubtedly aware, there is a potential for a job action by the Nova Scotia Teachers Union. This job action can take several forms ranging from rotating strikes, work to rule and a full strike.  

On November 28th, the Nova Scotia Teachers Union (NSTU) announced its plan to begin a work-to-rule job action on Monday, December 5th, 2016, at all schools in Nova Scotia. 

During any job action, it is the intention of the Tri-County Regional School Board that schools will remain open for daycares and other community groups hosting activities during the day and/or after-school hours.  However, it is highly likely, that during a job action, you, parents/guardians, and community members may encounter a picket line when arriving or visiting a school site.  As such, I am advising you to notify all of your staff and clients of this possibility. 

Picketing is a legal activity that can occur at any time (before a labour disruption or during a labour disruption).   There may be times when particular schools and/or work sites are being picketed.  Often picketing occurs at the busiest times of day.  Sometimes when we see picketing, it can feel uncomfortable.   Please be mindful:

  • Peaceful picketing is a legal activity at any time.

  • Some delays should be expected. 

  • Picket lines are legally prohibited from impeding traffic or non-striking individuals from moving in and out of the site. Attempt to minimize the amount of entering and exiting you need to do during a picketing situation, if possible. 


If any of your staff or clients experience any difficulties crossing a picket line, please ask them to contact Steve Stoddart, Director of Operations for the Tri-County Regional School Board, at 902-749-5682. 

Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.

Lisa Doucet
Superintendent of Schools


The Canadian Centre for Child Protection is warning parents about an increasing and serious trend involving Canadian youth being extorted for money. In the last few weeks,, Canada’s national tipline for reporting the online sexual exploitation of children, has seen a concerning rise in teenagers reporting issues surrounding video communication with adults posing as teenagers. On platforms that allow users to communicate by video, offenders are secretly recording teenagers exposing themselves and then threatening to share the sexual content if they don’t pay money (often hundreds of dollars) to the individual.
While many teens understand the dangers associated with recording and sharing sexual images and videos, they may not be as aware of the risks associated with live video feeds. With relative ease over live streaming, anyone can capture a still image or video of a person sexually exposing themselves – all without the other person’s knowledge.
Parents need to have regular, open dialogue with their teen around this topic encouraging the teen to seek parental support in situations like this. It is also important to talk to teens about never complying with threats online, since in most cases this will only make matters worse. We strongly encourage parents to take the time and learn more about ways to increase your teen’s safety online by visiting and the Internet Safety section of the website.
In the past few weeks, has seen a rise in reports from youth involving sextortion. These cases have involved offenders (posing as teenagers) secretly recording teenagers exposing themselves online and then threatening to share the sexual content if they don’t pay money (often hundreds of dollars) to the individual.

In response to this emerging issue of concern, the Canadian Centre for Child Protection has issued a Alert for parents as well as a tip sheet on how parents can talk to youth about online extortion:
· Alert:
· Tip Sheet for Parents:

The Centre also encourages all parents to sign-up for Alerts to receive information on concerning technology trends as they emerge. Click here to sign-up:



Parents, Guardians, Students and School Community Members

We are writing to ask your support to overcome a difficulty we have been experiencing recently. We are concerned with the lack of attendance of senior high students at recent special events, presentations, and assemblies.   These special sessions are an integral part of our educational programming at Digby Regional High School.  Many of our greatest current issues such as bullying, alcohol and substance abuse, inappropriate internet use are partially addressed during these assemblies. At the same time, during these sessions, we honor our veterans, our history, our culture, and recognize notable accomplishments by our own students.  

Recently we have found many students do not attend these planned special events and parents are actually calling in to excuse students.  We would encourage you, unless it is for a valid medical reason, appointment or excuse, to support our effort to educate your sons and daughters by not excusing them.   Attendance for these events is essential during instructional time. I hope you recognize the value of our attempts to address very serious issues and pay reasonable respect to the accomplishment of Canadians and our own students.

Thank you in advance for your continued support.

Ben McNeil
DRHS Administration




December 8
90 minute early dismissal

December 15

December 21
Last day of school before break

January 3
First day of classes following break


DRHS has 6 dances a year, not including prom, and we require 6 staff chaperones and 4 parent chaperones. It is often the same parents that chaperone every dance.
If you would be interested in chaperoning dances please contact the office at 245-7500 to giveyour name and contact information.





If any of the DRHS sports teams would like for the school mascot to make an appearance at one of your home games, the coach must email Shawn Comeau at at least 3 days before game day. The coach will then receive a reply stating whether the mascot is available or not.






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