Digby Regional High School Staff Directory

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Albert, Tina Mathematics, Science & Core French 7, 8
Amirault, Geraldine 02 Program 10-12
Boudreau, Alex Visual Arts, Family Studies, Child Studies, French 7-11
Bradley, Amanda Science, Math 7, 8
Brophy, James Technology Education, Film & Video 7-12
Comeau, Shawn Mathematics 9-11
Coyle, Diane Social Studies, Canadian History, African Canadian Studies, Global Geography, Economics 9, 11, 12
Cromwell, Janice Schools Plus Community Outreach Worker 7-12
d'Entremont, Joelle Guidance 7-12
Desjardins, Josee Resource Teacher 7-12
Dupuis, Al French, Health, Ancient History 7-12
Fells, Ronald Student Support Worker 7-12
Jackson, Amanda English


Joudrey, Faye Resource, Mathematics 9-12
LeClerc, Celine History, Social Studies, English, Law 8-12
MacNutt, David Physical Education 7-12
Manzer, Heather 02, English, Business Technology 9-12
Mollins, Tim Mathematics, Science, Physics 9, 11, 12
Nelson, Mark Social Studies, Exploring Tech, Entrepreneurship 7-12
Saulnier, Alain French Immersion, Sociology 9-12
Talbot, Michelle English, Drama, Global Politics 9-12
Theriault, Amy Schools Plus Facilitator 7-12
Thibodeau, Diane Resource, English 7, 8
Thibodeau, Helene Social Studies, French Immersion 7-9
Thibodeau, Wayne Mathematics, Chemistry 10-12
Turnbull, Mary Music, Health 7-12
Wight, Elizabeth English 7-12
Wilson, Joanna Science, Biology 9, 12
Wilson, Nick Science, Math, English 9, 12